Fun at shooting range

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Have you ever been to a shooting range praha? I do, and I have to tell you, it`s delicious. I really enjoy shooting and it`s my hobby, without which I somehow can`t imagine life. And I mean it.. I`ve never had many hobbies and I`ve always been a bit of a loner rather than hanging out with people. I didn`t really enjoy anything, and I really didn`t have that much energy for life. But as soon as I found out that I started to enjoy shooting, I wanted to improve myself as much as possible. And I was quite successful at that too… I started going to different types of shooting ranges and slowly improving my shooting.


In the beginning it was probably not much, and I was not good at it, but over time I got the hang of target shooting and started shooting more and more. I don`t even know what exactly made me enjoy shooting so much. Maybe it was that I was going through quite a difficult time at the time and had quite a lot of depression. And maybe it will sound very strange, but shooting helped me a lot in this direction. It taught me to put all the negative thoughts behind me and enjoy target shooting and getting better at it. And imagine what happened.


During the time I went to the shooting range in Prague, I even found a partner who was just my friend at first and later a relationship developed between us. It was an amazing and beautiful time. And I can recommend target shooting to absolutely everyone. People tend to think that shooting is weird, but it`s quite the opposite. Shooting is fun and relieves a person of millions of worries that he experiences every day. Believe me, if I had to change my mind again, if shooting would come into my life, I would definitely agree. Shooting is my biggest hobby, which brought energy to my life, happiness, good feelings and even true love, which I waited for so long and thought I would never have.

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